So Why Sara Lou's?

Sara Lou's is named after my mother, Sara Louise. My mother instilled a lust for life in me since infancy. Imagine a Louisiana version of Auntie Mame….can you see her? That’s my mother. I grew up spending summers in New Orleans visiting my mom’s side of the family. When it came time for me to go to college, I set out to Tulane University. Though Hurricane Katrina did her best to bring us down, the power of New Orleans is strong. We prevailed. My years in New Orleans shaped me into who I am today. Though my work as an actor and teaching artist has brought me all over the country, New Orleans is where my soul sings. 

So when I moved to Richmond, I quickly learned that RVA and my previous home of New Orleans are kindred spirits. Both have deep historic roots, are Southern cities on the rise, and enjoy a rich arts and culture tradition. And just like New Orleans, Richmond is full of wonderful festivals, concerts, and community events on each and every day of the week. ESPECIALLY in the summertime. The one thing that I felt RVA was missing was my favorite dessert: a sno-ball!

The sno-ball is the treat of my childhood. Unlike the more familiar snow cone -- which, let's face it, is just a bunch of crunchy ice in a cone with all the syrup falling sadly to the bottom-- a New Orleans sno-ball is made from finely shaved ice off a block. This dense ice provides the perfect bed for our sweet, flavored syrups such as Wild Strawberry or Cajun Praline. Down in New Orleans we also are known to add toppings such as sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream. The result is a fluffy cloud of dreams. We source our authentic ice shaver and 100% cane sugar syrups straight from New Orleans, so that I can share my heritage with the people of Central Virginia in the most authentic way possible.

Thank you for helping make Sara Lou's New Orleans Style SnoBalls a new Richmond tradition.

Lauren Elens,


Who We Are

Joseph Bromfield and Lauren Elens



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